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Number of Engines 2
Total Thrust (kg) 22 400
Length (m) 21.18
Height (m) 6.19
Wingspan (m) 17.21
Top Speed (km/h) 1 400
Ceiling (m) 16 500
Max. Takeoff Weight (kg) 39 700
Range (km) 2 500
Crew 2
Date Deployed 1974
Unit Cost ($) N/A
Overview Variants

Later production marks may have different engines, POS R-29Bs @11500Kg.

• Fencer A is initial production variant w/ squared off aft fuselage.
• Su-24B has rounded fuselage.
• Su-24C has changes in EW equipment.
• Su-24D can be inflight refueled and has longer nose.
• Su-24E is recon variant for navy; can also carry antiship weapons.
• Fencer F possible version; perhaps EW variant.

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