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Number of Engines 2
Length (m) 11.10
Height (m) 3.30
Top Speed (km/h) 305
Climb Rate (m/min) 618
Ceiling (m) 530
Max. Takeoff Weight (kg) 2 850
Range (km) 538
Crew 1 (+1)
Date Deployed 1991
Unit Cost ($) N/A
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Several military versions of the Hirundo A109 have been developed for army, naval, and patrol use. The four-blade main rotor is mounted on hump above the body midsection, while weapon-carrying platforms at bottom midsection. Two turboshaft engines are mounted on the top of the fuselage, with exhaust ports protruding upward and to the rear. The fuselage is rectangular with a flat belly and retractable landing gear and an upswept, tapered rear section.. The tapered, rounded nose section features a stepped cockpit. The swept-back and tapered tail fin with angular tip. Swept-back and tapered belly fin with angular tip. Small rotor on left side attached to the tapered tail boom.

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