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Number of Engines 2
Length (m) 13.50
Height (m) 4.93
Top Speed (km/h) 350
Climb Rate (m/min) 600
Ceiling (m) 550
Max. Takeoff Weight (kg) 10 400
Range (km) 460
Crew 2
Date Deployed 1997
Unit Cost ($) 13 000 000
Overview Variants

• Ka-50A/HOKUM A: Standard direct air support variant.
• Ka-50N/HOKUM N: Night attack variant fitted with a nose-mounted FLIR. The cockpit is fitted with an additional TV display, and is NVG compatible.
• Ka-52/HOKUM B: The “Alligator” is a side-by-side, two-seat cockpit variant of the Ka-50. The gross weight of the aircraft is greater, so the performance is marginally degraded. But airframe characteristics, dimensions, and armaments are relatively similar. It includes a mast-mounted millimeter wave radar covering the front quadrant only. It is used as an attack aircraft, and as a trainer for the Ka-50.

Beginning in 1997 Kamov company, in partnership with IAI, began competing in the tender for a $4 billion contract for the supply of 145 combat helicopters to the Turkish Army. In compliance with the tender requirements, KAMOV/IAI group submitted the required documentation on the Ka-50-2 Erdogan tandem twin-sitter in November 1999. On 06 March 2000, Bulent Ecevit, the Prime Minister of Turkey, announced that Boeing and Eurocopter, French/German company, would be excluded from the list of the Bidders for the combat helicopters supply contract. Among the remaining competitors for the contract award are KAMOV/IAI (Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd.) group with its Ka-50-2 Erdogan, Agusta company from Italy with its A129 Mongoose and Belltextron company from the USA with its AH-1Z King Cobra.

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