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Number of Engines 4
Total Thrust (kg) 74 208
Length (m) 53.04
Height (m) 16.79
Wingspan (m) 51.81
Top Speed (km/h) 805
Ceiling (m) 13 716
Max. Takeoff Weight (kg) 265 306
Range (km) 8 710
Crew 3
Date Deployed 1993
Unit Cost ($) 80 000 000
Overview Service Gallery

Based on a buy of 120 aircraft, the last C-17 delivery will be in November, 2004. The original specification from McDonnell Douglas defined a service life of 30,000 hours. Modification programs will keep the aircraft in line with current and future requirements for threat avoidance, navigation, communications, and enhanced capabilities. These modifications should include global air traffic management (GATM) and automatic dependent surveillance to meet anticipated navigation requirements. Commercially available avionics and mission computer upgrades are being investigated to reduce life-cycle costs and improve performance. Also, upgraded communication systems to enhance worldwide voice and data (including secure) transmission will support command and control.

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